Due to inclement weather last night, the berm and parking lot work has been postponed, so the range will be open for normal operations today. ___________The next monthly meeting will be June 6th at 7:30pm. Renewals will be AFTER the meeting. ________________________________________________________ There will be a center fire rifle match Saturday June 10th at 8am. We will be shooting a 10 shot match for score, using NRA 31C targets at 100 yards. We will shoot 5 shots in 5 minutes standing and then 5 shots in 3 minutes at the bench rest position. No bipods, tri pods, etc. Elbow on bench and sling may be used to steady rifle. Iron sights or scope up to 4 power. Any scope capable of more than 4 power will be tapped to keep it from being turned higher. In the event of a tie, we will do a 1 shot shoot off in the standing position for closest to the center of target. There will be a 5 minute sight in window prior to match. _______ _______________________________ _______________________________ New ballcaps with the RRRPC logo are available. Also we have window decals made in the format of the original club patch. John has placed photos of both of them on the RRRPC Facebook page. They will be for sale at the meeting, or you can contact the club President. ____________________________________________________ Over the next couple of weeks the fence behind the firing line will be replaced to upgrade the appearance of the range. Additionally, the shooting benches will be rubber coated so we can get rid of the old carpet covers presently there. __________ _________________________________ _____ Saturday June 10th there will be a rifle match. Match will be open to all members and non members. More information to follow. __________________________ _________________________________ Was talking with Ted Knox at Texas Knife Works and Guns today and he said come on down because he has certain AR's at $499.99